I am scared, I am scared
The complexities of advancement
Have thrown me to my deathbed
The manipulation of the big-headed
Drag my soul into the unknown
And at quaffing- gathering they plan my extinction
I hear here and there
Atrocities of colossal sizes
And I am scared

 Construction and destruction, their engagement
Clashes of religions drive away the meaning of the divine
The Haves trample upon the Have-nots
The portfolio bearers deride the commons
I dislike the Sphinx’s gaze at my nocturnal spying
Liars multiply their number
They tread upon my sickly nerves
And I am scared

 When I blow a fuse
At the fumes they suffocate me with-disaster, catastrophe,
Yet they disgust my lessons
Rather they increase my venom
Pecuniary superiority they seek
Thus they deplete and ransack my treasuries
Flora and fauna even cry for survival
The voracity of their crave is scaring
And I am scared and I am scared.

 They know not where they go
The blind and the mute go before them
Their foolery is distilled from egoism
The breed of the greedy
And they plunge into the pool of fools
To take a dirty bath
In the confusion of misunderstanding
But I am scared and I am scared

 But I give up not on my hope.
I hope the perfect harmony from the Divine in due time
Will be restored…
And humankind will breathe
The air of love and serenity.

 Ignatius  Ayivor, SVD


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